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It's not that common to say, but the truth is that most of the present-day millionaires managed to succeed only due to the fact that at some point in their lives they decided to buy a fake diploma and focus their efforts on honing their practical skills. We keep the names of our customers confidential, however, we can help you achieve the same degree of success as they did by purchasing a fake degree and forging a tremendous career without spending time and effort to study at a college or university!

Why fake degrees with verification are more advantageous than studying

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to get a decent job with a degree. However, there is a catch: why spend years on education without getting any practical skills that will prove useful in the future?

Every graduate will confirm that almost 80% of academic knowledge is not of practical value, whereas it takes many years and probably a lot of money spent for each semester to receive it. So it’s time to ask yourself: why not just buy a degree?

First of all, it saves you a great sum of money. Just a glance at the cost of training in leading universities and colleges should be enough to see how much money it will take to get a degree. Don’t forget about under-the-counter money too: sometimes students pay up to 5000 UAH in order to pass an exam. That’s why a fake college diploma is a real solution: it will save you money which you could spend on developing a business or buying a property.

Second of all, a fake diploma saves you time. It usually takes about 5-6 years to obtain a degree – a whole bunch of time that you could’ve spent on building a career. Let alone the fact, that sometimes a student can know the subject better than a teacher and needs a diploma only for appearance's sake. That will slow down your career for a good couple of years!

Third of all, you get an academic degree. Candidates of Sciences or Doctors of Sciences have all the opportunities in the world open to them, and can work in leading companies or universities for a competitive salary. All you need to do is buy an original diploma and document your professional skills.

Last, but not least, you will be able to work in other countries with a fake diploma. Ukraine is not the only country that has employers willing to give you a good job. With our help, you could live and work in Europe and the USA!

Given all these advantages, it’s time to say: «I will buy a diploma in Kyiv and get a top-paying job!»

How to buy diploma in Ukraine

Under no circumstances should you buy a diploma from your friends or from shady businesses, buy ready-made slips of paper in underground walkways. Only a fake diploma that meets all up-to-date international standards can bring you profit in the future.

There is a lot of fake degree manufacturers in Ukraine, so it’s not so hard to buy a diploma in Kyiv. However, not every manufacturer should be trusted. Only experienced companies can provide documents of proper quality that will be listed on the register.

On our site you can find examples of documents that meet all modern standards: diplomas are printed only on official letterheads with all necessary watermarks and holographic images. If you want to buy a diploma in Kyiv or any other city in Ukraine, just leave an application and our specialists will contact you to discuss the details.

By such manners, everyone can buy a fake college diploma from any educational institution and for any purpose. We realize that our clients have different reasons to buy a fake degree: one needs a fake degree just to calm their parents, while another needs it to get a job at a small company that will not check the authenticity of the document. In that case you can buy a printed copy of a diploma which will cost less and not differ from the original in any way.

How much it costs to buy a diploma in Ukraine

Our clients order educational documents on a daily basis, from school certificates to USSR diplomas and to academic degrees. Just pick an educational institution, a specialty and graduation year, and we will do the rest!

The cost of the diploma depends on whether you want it to be printed on the official letterhead or on the printed copy. After that, you will need to decide whether you need the diploma to be listed on the register (in this case it will be able to pass a check by the authorities). Regardless of your choice, our prices will surprise you – bachelor's degrees from leading universities cost no more than 10,000 UAH.

If you need Candidates of Sciences or Doctors of Sciences degree and you want to buy in Kyiv, it will cost you around 12,000-27,000 UAH. It’s quite cheap in comparison with a traditional way of obtaining such degrees.

Now and then our customers order legal USSR diplomas. It’s an easy task for our team, and the purchase will cost you only 6,000 UAH!

Also, we are selling educational documents for foreign residents, diplomas of Russian educational institutes and graduate diplomas of any training schools. Just check out our prices and assure yourself that this is a very advantageous offer!

Our guarantees

We sell diplomas that are listed on the national registry, which is the main guarantee of quality of our educational documents. This means that you buy an original diploma that is able to pass any authenticity checks. Even if you buy a diploma in order to work for government authorities, nobody will doubt the authenticity of your degree after a thorough check.

Perhaps, you’d like to get a high-quality document without adding it to the database? You can do that and save some money! Our products are made by a team of professional calligraphers who create documents without any visual distinction from real diplomas of higher education, including signatures and stamps. We recommend buying Ukrainian diplomas, that are printed on official letterheads and have every necessary holographic images and watermarks. Learn more about our guarantees here.

Production and delivery time of diplomas

Sometimes our customers need to get their hands on a diploma in the shortest period. That’s we can get a job done as early as possible. Even if a date of the job talk is already set, you can always buy a diploma in Kyiv for a low price and receive it over the course of several days. We treat each case individually and offer a personalized approach to every customer according to a situation.

You are free to choose a method of payment that suits you the most. We accept plastic cards and cash payment upon delivery. Our clients can order a high-quality diploma without payment in advance and due time.

It doesn’t matter what city do you live in – just contact us, and we will help you choose the best delivery and payment method tailored to your needs.

So, should you buy a higher education diploma? You must! An educational document from us is your chance to change your life for better, get a top-paying job in a leading company and even work in Europe or in the USA. Make a right choice and remember that it's all in your hands!

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